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Welcome to – a website centred completely around getting the best of this Innovation Age to merge perfectly with your business goals. Everyone’s out here to make money, I’d like to help you shave years off getting there by using the right technology for your goals.

As of 2016, there were 2.17 mil small businesses registered in Australia. That’s a lot of people going out on their own, trying to make something happen – doing what they do best and kicking goals at it too. But what about when it comes to the technology, systems and processes around how their business runs as opposed to how they deliver what their business delivers? There’s not a lot of help out there for reputable folk.

Shaun Adams

I’ve been in the Professional IT Services space for around 11-years, and in that time I’ve worked for some of the country’s biggest names, and the world’s biggest service providers. I’ve got more than a few industry accreditations under my belt and I’ve been featured in a few press articles in my time.

I love working with Small Business Owners (SBO) because you can feel their electricity, their passion, their drive. It’s something that I don’t get from my day job of working with Medium to Enterprise level businesses.

when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance

My hope is, through, to help SBOs get the most out of the technology that’s out there in the market and succeed.

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