Hello Internet, Here’s A Vlog, You’re Welcome

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ClassicShaun Hello Internet, Here's A Vlog, You're Welcome

So today I decided to do a thing. A thing that I knew I might have to do sooner or later, but something I didn’t really want to. Today, I made a Vlog. I got dressed, hopped in the car, drove 80 kilometres South for some reason and started recording!

The Set

Berrima, NSW was founded in 1830 and is situated 130 kilometres South of Sydney. According to the 2016 census, it has a population of 666 (don’t read into that number) and is a part of the Goulburn State Electorate. As a child, my grandparents lived here and I spent many a weekend in the mist covered hills surrounding the little town.

The Mission, the Vlog

Just off Greenhills Rd, there’s a reserve. It’s nice. You’ll come to know it well. It was here that I decided to take a stand. I too would strive forward and become one of so many before me. Us brave few that would stand in the middle of nowhere, talking about absolutely nothing to a camera on a stick.

The Results

Well, you’re still here – that’s a plus. I wanted the video to be a little like a band-aid – one quick rip and it’s gone! I know it needs to happen, I need to practise, get better and more comfortable in front of the camera. It’d also be nice if I figured out a structured point I’d like to make BEFORE hitting record! All that being said, I’d really love and appreciate it if you would like the video, comment and subscribe! That’d be awesome!

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