Hustle Hard, Don’t Forget To Love and Stress Less

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Trust me, I get it. The fire, the drive, the passion, the feeling of obligation. Working hard seems to be in the DNA of most people around me and in my generation. Our insatiable need to hustle and grind can be damaging. It seems to outweigh our ability to see and manage the stress it’s putting us under.

It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s how you carry it -Lou Holtz

Over the past 4-5 years, I’ve most definitely upped my game when it comes to effort put in at work and into my career and it shows no signs of stopping, if anything, it’ll get more-so.

One of the biggest navigating factors in my drive, however, is the amount of stress that I carry. The time that I spend with my Son. The amount time I spend at the Dog park each week. Life is a battle – everyone knows this. It’s how we go about fighting that battle that sets us apart as people.

Dealing with stress is something that is really important to me and my work-life balance. To find ways to cope, I haven’t gone to a Doctor, an expert, a clinic, or a retreat – but instead, the Google Play Store! I have found that Headspace is an amazing gift sent from all the Gods of the world. Envisage if you will, the diety clubhouse, all the favourites are there and they begin discussing the best ways for their followers to relax. Out of that conversation, an app-idea was created. Well, Headspace is the fruit of their labour. If your mind is cluttered or you simply need to chill out a little, please, head on over and grab it!

Remember, there’s no point working hard to achieve a lot if when you get there you can’t enjoy it with friends, family and health – so stress less!

Author: Shaun
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