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Proposify The Sacred Texts Part One


Proposify is a new SaaS platform that will change the way you create, deliver and manage proposals forever.

We’ve all been there – either a marketing plan we were running has worked a treat. An existing client has put us forward to another company. You have a really good first meeting, there’s understanding, you addressed all their questions and concerns like a boss. You fully understand what they’re wanting. Best of all their budget matches their expectations!

So, off to the office with you to put down all the amazingness you’re about to throw their way, plus the dollars around doing so. You arrive back at your desk, sit down, whip out your notebook and launch MS Word. Suddenly, the inevitable trill of the Bat Phone rings out.

One of your blue ribbon clients informs you, they’ve been hit by crypto! To make it worse the most recent backup is the monthly Saturday night run. It ran 16 hours after the network was infected. You’re now in panic mode trying to restore that business to its former glory.

It’s all gone, hope is lost.

That proposal is going to have to wait. In that time, the potential client has had their needs met by another Service Provider and you’ve lost your chance. This is an all too common story and one that simply doesn’t need to repeat!


Enter this little beauty. A SaaS system that has been created with the specific intent to simplify the proposal creation, delivery, follow-up and actioning process. In a nutshell, it’s a web-based WYSIWYG editor similar to Adobe’s InDesign. It allows complex templates to be created for all different types of services you and your business offer.

You can then fill them with specific, pre-canned information and explanations called snippets. You’re able to include interactive, calculated fee tables for each proposal. You’re able to allow the client to pick and choose the solution they want to go ahead with.

Once they’ve read your words, seen your numbers and decided to go ahead, it’s time for coffee. The Proposify team says so! As if by magic, you’re able to accept a legally binding digital signature. If you set it up, you’re also able to accept payment then and there – up front! From the one pane of glass, you can track this whole process. Complete with comprehensive reporting and API add-ins to your favourite CRM and Project Management tools.

What’s the Cost?

For what the system can do – it’s important to remember that this isn’t just a piece of software to make a proposal pretty, it handles presentation, delivery, sign-off and payments if you so require – it’s really fair!

One thing to note with this software is that due to them being based in North America (Halifax, Nova Scotia – ehh) the dollars we’re talking about are the US variety.

Proposify Tall


Best for Small Business and Teams

Up to 5 Active Proposals
1 User Account
Unlimited Templates
Unlimited Contacts
Notifications & Analytics
PDF Export

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Proposify Grande


Best for Medium Businesses and Teams

Everything in Tall +
Up to 50 Active Proposals
Up to 10 Users
Third-Party IntegrationsBranded URL
Stripe Online Payments

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Proposify Venti


Best for Large Business and Teams

Everything in Grande +
Additional Proposals
Additional Users
Team and User Permissions
Training + Account Manager
Phone Support
Document Assistance

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If you click through, you’ll realise that I’m gifting you 2-months free – you’re welcome ✌


In this Cloud powered world, being able to get your data from one system to another is vital. With this in mind, Proposify is able to natively connect to a raft of popular web-apps already. There are many more coming in the roadmap – and quickly!

Proposify Integrations

Keen eyes would notice the presence of zapier on that list, meaning that if your application isn’t natively in that list, you can still connect it using their automation platform. An example is when a visitor hits our website and converts to a lead and is added to a MailChimp list, they’re automatically added to Pipedrive (my CRM), then this information is pushed to Proposify to create Client and Contact entries.

Get Paid Instantly

Just to expand on the stripe native integration that Proposify’s got now. This means that during the creation process, you can state the minimum amount that must be paid for the project to be accepted. This guarantees CBD (Cash Before Delivery) terms are met!

Being paid initially also solidifies and cleans up your downstream automation as well. You can be sure that your Basecamp 2 projects are clean and worth your attention because they won’t be created unless you’ve already been sent some dollars from the client!


On the back of it being 2018, and printers suck, the platform allows your clients to sign and accept proposals and contracts natively. The legality of these signatures is solid. The way they ensure legality is by:

  • Using the Square API which allows parties to sign their own name using their mouse, or finger (on a touchscreen device)
  • Recording the IP address, date, time and the browser information when the document is signed
  • Offering the signed document to both parties for offline storage
  • After the document is signed, it is locked. No changes can be committed without the signatures being stripped from the document
  • Complying fully with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act and European Directive (EC/1999/93)

Snippets and Fee Tables

Where Proposify stands-out, for me, from the pack is its use of pre-canned sections of information that can be used multiple times within two-clicks. The idea of a snippet is to allow the business owner, product manager, marketing/sales people to craft a bit of copy around a service or product you offer and it is available instantly for all documents created.

The days of copy and pasting that TCO comparison between an on-premise Exchange Server solution and Office 365 migration are now over! Search for the tag, click and bam! Inserted, formatted and ready to go.


The ability to reuse fees in multiple projects quickly and accurately is a great help. Especially when you’ve got multiple people creating proposals. This ensures that all products and services are being quoted using the same costings, helping cash flow and stopping the need for those awkward “We quoted you the wrong amount...” conversations!


What’s Next?

In Part Two of The Sacred Texts, we’ll be walking through the process of actually creating a template and getting it sent out to clients! 😝

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